Choosing Right Glass for a Square Shower Enclosure

Square Shower Enclosure

When it comes to making a choice between different shower cubicles, a square shower enclosure is always preferred due to perfect corner fittings. While renovating your bathroom, there are many stages you can find yourself stuck between various options. From thinking about whether to go for a standard basin or vanity unit to replacing your bathtub with a shower enclosure UK to save space and enhance the experience, you have to make tons of decisions for a perfect outcome.

If you are remodeling your bathroom after ages, you might even have a hard time replacing your shower curtains with a glass-paneled shower enclosure with glass doors. Many benefits can help you choose the latter, so let’s not get into that.

Anyhow, when it comes to selecting the glass for your square shower enclosure or simply for a shower door, a lot of people have trouble making the right choice. So, let’s break the process and simplify it to help you understand and make the right decision.

Why Good Glass Matters for Square Shower Enclosure?

Although there are various matters involving making a choice for a shower enclosure, what matters most among them is glass. The complete enclosure has glass panels. Therefore, the type of it you choose matters a lot. It highly contributes to its sturdiness and aesthetics. Generally, a square shower enclosure comes with a glass panel from the retailers. And you don’t have any room for making a choice unless you choose a customized cubicle. However, if you are really want to create a unique style statement, then you can ask for your preferred glass type. And most bathroom retailers will be ready to cater to you as per your desires.

Types of Glass for Square Shower Enclosure

We understand that various glass types can confuse you in the selection process. Here we break down every kind of glass depending on how it can benefit you.

The types of glass for square shower enclosures are based on their manufacturing and looks. In terms of their difference in manufacturing, you have options like annealed glass, heated strengthen glass, and laminated safety glass. Among all of the choices, you will most of the time choose the laminated glass. The reason for its popularity is its better safety in comparison to other types. It is a kind of safety glass that will break into a very small basis on breakage. That will not be harmful when even on breaking.

Glass for shower enclosures can be divided on the basis of

Clear Glass

As the name suggests, clear glass is transparent and see-through like the one on your car windows. The glass is easier to clean and maintain, making it a popular choice for shower enclosures.

Square Shower Enclosure

Low Iron Glass

Don’t let the name confuse you. The low iron glass is another clear and transparent option which is why it is normally referred to as HD glass. The glass has a slight iron-like greenish tint when you see through the glass.

Rain Glass

Rain glass a textured inside, while the outer layer of the glass is embedded with a rain-like pattern. If you are going for privacy and some design, rain glass would fit the need.

Textured Glass

If the rain glass pattern doesn’t suit you well, there are other patterns you can choose from. Like the rain glass, textured glass also has pattered outer surface, which can be difficult to clean sometimes.

Frosted Glass

Also known as opaque glass, frosted glass has a sandblasted layer that makes it slightly opaque than clear glass but not as much as rain or textured glass.

Square Shower Enclosure

Tinted Glass

You can also get tinted glass for your bathroom, like your car windows. Although there are many colors to choose from, bronze and grey are the most popular choices.

Types of Glass Shower Doors for Square Shower Enclosure

There are three main types of doors you can install on your shower enclosure briefly explained as:

Sliding Doors

These doors have attached rollers placed on top of rails that move when the door slides.

Fixed Doors

Fixed doors attach on hinges, making it a bi-fold that opens and closes both ways.

Swing Doors

They are like your traditional doors that open and close both ways or sometimes one way. The door has a handle and requires enough space on both sides to open and close completely.

Square Shower Enclosure

Final Thoughts

The choice of better shower cubicle glass is important for all types of shower enclosures. If you are planning to install a square shower enclosure, then a tempered safety glass can be a perfect choice as it is sturdy and, in case of breakage, divided into very small pieces. Such small pieces cannot harm anyone.

Description: Generally, a square shower enclosure comes with a glass panel from the retailers. And you don’t have any room for making a choice unless you choose a customized cubicle.

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